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Easy Fresh Pasta

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

a spoon full of cooked fresh pasta over a pot of boiling water
Fresh Pasta

There is something about fresh pasta that is so comforting to me. It has a meatier bite yet seems more delicate then a dried noodle. Making your own noodles may seem like a daunting task, and although it does take some time and preparation, they are actually very easy to make. With only, eggs, flour and salt, chances are you have all those ingredients in your house already as well. Give this easy fresh pasta recipe a try and let me know how it turned out in the comments.

a fork full of fresh pasta topped with creamy tomato and shrimp sauce
Fresh Pasta with "Creamy Tomato and Shrimp Sauce"


- If the dough is not coming together, slightly wet your hands and continue to work the dough together until combined.

- To maximize flavor, cook your noodles in salted water for 1 minute and then add it to your sauce to continue cooking. This will only take another minute or so to be fully cooked.

Ingredients: - 2 cups flour - 4 egg yolks and 2 whole eggs - 1 tsp salt


diagram showing each step in making the pasta dough
Pasta Making Steps

- On a clean countertop add your flour, make a well in the center.

- Crack the eggs into the the well in the flour.

- Whip eggs together using a fork, allowing the flour to gradually incorporate into the egg. Work the dough together with the heal of your hand, flipping, folding and pushing down and forwards with the heal of your hand. Work together until smooth.

- Let sit for 1 hour wrapped in plastic wrap on your counter before rolling and cutting.

- Divide into 4. - Roll your pasta through your pasta roller on the widest setting 3 times, folding it into a square after each time through. Then gradually reduce the size of your roller and repeat the above steps. Putting it through 3 time each setting. - Once you have reached the desired thickness, switch to your cutting roller and cut to desired noodle shape.

TIP : For fettuccini noodles and spaghetti, keep the dough a little thicker. For stuffed noodle such as ravioli you will want a liner dough. - Dust with flour and cover with a tea towel until ready to cook the noodles. - Boil for 1 to 3 minutes in salted water, then serve with your desired sauce.

Fresh cooked noodles sitting in a pot of creamy tomato and shrimp pasta
Creamy Tomato and Shrimp Pasta

See my Creamy Tomato and Shrimp Pasta recipe:

Check out my you tube channel to see This recipe TUTORIAL:

Whether it's Sweet or Savoury, let it be made with love!

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