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Custom Cakes, Cupcakes
& Desserts

Looking for a custom cake, cupcakes or desserts? I would be happy to help. Please contact to enquire. A minimum 1 weeks notice is preferred to allow time to prepare and plan (the more notice the better).

My cakes are all made from scratch and use quality ingredients and recipes. Why eat something if it doesn't taste good.  

Unlike the traditional American buttercream which is gritty and very sweet, my Swiss meringue buttercream is smooth, creamy and not to sweet.  It not only tastes amazing but it also looks beautiful and holds up well for decorations. You might find yourself actually eating the frosting instead of throwing it in the trash. 

Choose from an assortment of flavors such as fruit, chocolate, peanut butter or vanilla. 

Fillings can include but is not limited to: buttercream of any flavor, chocolate ganache, fruit/fruit curd, or custard.

Some limitations may apply.  Please scroll through my cake gallery to view a few of my creations. (please note, some of the images are from several years ago and were posted to show decoration ideas for others). To see weekly specials and more, follow me on my Facebook page " Sweet and Savoury "

Contact Via email or text/call 705-984-2217

Pricing is calculated based on cost of ingredients and time to make each product. Serving Simcoe county.

Delivery can be arrange upon request at an additional fee.

Please notify me of any food allergies.

Now Offering custom card stock cake toppers!

Other baked goods can be made as well upon request, such as muffins, tea biscuits, cookies, brownies, crème brulee, zucchini bread or pie.

CAKE CARE: Cakes can be stored in the fridge for several days. After serving, transfer left over cake to an air tight container to preserve the moisture in the cake. Allow your cake to come up to room temperature for at least 1 hour prior to serving for best results (cold cakes wont be as soft in texture and will taste dryer then they are intended to be due to that fats becoming cold).Please notify me of any allergies or if being use for a smash cakes a wood or straw dowels are often used. 

floral cupcakes

Deluxe Cupcakes

Deluxe Cupcakes: $3.50 Each.

Follow me on my Facebook page               to see which two flavor combinations are being sold for weekly special. Please contact for pricing on large and custom orders. Please note for custom orders, a minimum order of 12 is required. Discounts may apply for holidays, fundraisers / charities or bulk orders. All cupcakes are made from scratch baked cakes, using my own recipes, then topped with smooth and creamy Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Choose from an assortment of flavor combinations, fillings and toppers, such as fresh fruit, candy or chocolates. Prices start at $42/dozen. (Bulk orders (>2 dozen) are $35/dozen) 

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ice cream cone candy cake

Custom Cakes

Custom cakes made from scratch baked cakes using my own recipes. Choose from an assortment of fillings such as chocolate ganache, fruit, curd, or flavored buttercream, topped with smooth and creamy swiss meringue buttercream. Buttercreams can be made in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter or any variation of fruit you desire. Please contact to give specifications on flavors and design to receive a quote. Each cake is priced based on food cost, and amount of time to create. Prices for basic cakes start at $65. NOW OFFERING CUSTOM MADE CARDSTOCK CAKE TOPPERS! 

crème Brule

Crème Brulee  

4 ounce individual Crème Brulee: $6.00 Each or 6 for $34.00

Flavor options include, classic, Strawberry, brown sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon,  chocolate and seasonally egg nog. Each Crème Brulee comes in a 4 oz aluminum ramekin. Torched just prior to pick up for best results. Please inquire for further details. Discounts apply for large orders.

Baking Ingredients

This Weeks Flavor's:

No weekly special this week. Please contact to make a custom order.

Please contact to place an order via, email, facebook messenger or

call/text 705-984-2217 

For fastest response Text/call

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