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Baked Jalapeño Spinach Dip

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

red baking dish filled with baked jalapeno spinach dip and a side of corn chips
Jalapeno Spinach Dip

If you are looking for a crowd pleasing appetizer, this is a great recipe for you. Makes a large dish so there is plenty to go around. Lots of flavor and a mouthwatering amount of cheesy goodness. Do you ever just crave something and you have to have it? Well that is how I came up with this recipe. I am in love with this spinach dip at a local restaurant and I thought well, why not try to replicate it. Not only did this turn out delicious but it made enough for the whole family to enjoy. One of my best friends Caitlin makes a delicious spinach dip as well, and I took some insight from her in putting this together. My method of madness in coming up with recipes usually includes a lot of reading of other recipes, and tweaking it just how I like it until its a perfect bite.

Beware, this is another recipe where you will likely end up burning the ruff of your mouth on this hot lava dip as you can't wait for it to cool to satisfy your craving.....It's worth it though.


10 to 15 pieces of sliced pickled jalapenos

1 Brick of cream cheese

1 Cup sour cream (full fat)

1 Red bell pepper, finely chopped

1 White (preferably sweet) onion finely diced

Half a head of fresh garlic, minced

3 Cups of medium cheddar, old cheddar and mozzarella (totaling approx 2 cups together) shred a little extra for the top

1 Tsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

2 Cups of frozen thawed spinach. (Squeeze out the excess water using paper towel)


- Preheat your oven to 400F

- Whip, cream cheese and sour cream with mixer using paddle attachment.

- Add in jalapenos and 3 cups of cheese (Feel free to substitute different cheese into this recipe. )

- In a frying pan, sauté onions. Add garlic once onions have sweat. Add Peppers and cook until just starting to get a bit soft (still want a bit of crunch). Add spinach, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Combine in warm pan to mingle the flavors together. Then add to you cream cheese mix and stir together until combined.

- Pour into your baking dish and top with extra cheese. Bake covered until bubbly and then remove the lid for the last 5 min to brown the cheese on top. Approximately 20-30 minutes.

- Remove from oven and enjoy with chips or pitas.

Whether its Sweet or Savoury, let it be made with love.


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