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The Sharing Place Food Bank Fundraiser 2022


Mar 9, 2022

Selling children's and adult aprons, to raise money for local food bank.

Giving Back To The Community

women wearing black apron with S and S logo on the chest.
Adult Aprons For Charity

With my love for food, I found my self thinking about those who are less fortunate and the challenges some face when it comes to acquiring food. No one should go hungry! No child should have to feel hunger pains or worry about if they will be getting a meal tonight. With that in mind I though it would be a great idea to sell aprons, and donate all NET proceeds to "The Sharing Place" food bank. This food bank is such an amazing place and helps so many people every year. Run by hard working volunteers, who dedicate there time to helping others obtain food. Imagine for a second what it must feel like to worry about if you will have any food to eat today....tomorrow, or maybe even for the week. For those of us who have never struggled to keep food in our cupboards, we may never fully understand the stress and pain that they deal with everyday.

multi coloured aprons being sold to raise money for food bank. image of 2 children modeling them
Children's Aprons For Charity

The food bank helps alleviate some of that stress for many people. Not only do they run there food bank program, but they also run programs including " School Fuel," where they donate meals to over 1200 school-aged children, from 19 different local schools every day. They also run "Meals for Change," where they cook ready to eat meals for those in need using local kitchens to save on cost. They produce over 400 meals a week, averaging under a $1 a meal. They also run several educational and advocacy programs in relation to food. They are currently serving on average 1100 people each month, with 32% of those being children. Being such a great cause, I wanted to make an effort to raise funds to donate to this great charity. With that goal, adult and children's aprons seemed like the perfect item to sell in relation to food. With the help of my friend Miranda, we got to work on getting the "Sweet and Savoury" logo onto the aprons to ready them to sell. They turned out amazing, and I was so excited to see them all come together. So far we have sold nearly 20 aprons total in only a few days, and my hope is to raise at least $500 if not more. I sincerely thank all of those who made a donation/purchase already. Making a difference one dollar at a time.

As I always say at the end of each of my recipes, "Let it be made with love."


Holly, of Sweet and Savoury

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